Working Out & Creativity

Before I go hit the precor and try to rack up my gym count for weekly stats, I wanted to share with you the last bit on the Nick Earls interview.

“Yes, I still run whenever it’s feasible, and I miss it when it isn’t. I don’t know if there’s a connection between condition and creativity, but I’m pretty sure there’s a connection between exertion and not being in a shitty mood. If anything’s annoying me—not that much does—it usually annoys me less after I’ve gone for a run. But maybe it is creative too. If I’m working on something, I’ll often set two characters off in conversation when I’m running, but then I have to run home faster to make a bunch of sweaty notes before it’s all lost. Some of my answers here came about the same way, so my chair is rather unattractively damp now.”