Daily Archives: February 21, 2004

Writing Memoir Seminar Tomorrow!

Ok, I’m well aware that this is late notice. I haven’t been reading my other newsletters in a timely manner. But, if you can’t get $100 and your butt over to 826 Valencia tomorrow, then take a look at their upcoming classes and sign up for another one. Seminars for […]

Looking for an Agent?

When it’s not sent to my bulk mail, I get the Todd James Pierce newsletter, and always find it inspiring. Recently, a writer friend asked me if I had any agent leads, and that’s how I found that Jenny Bent was closed for submissions. But when I went back to […]

Backflip.com, My Daily Routine

I'm in love. This is the coolest thing since I bought my Dazzle. My Daily Routine organizes all the websites I want to look at and speeds up the process of browsing through them, tenfold! Now, all the time I’ve spent typing in URLs, or doing Google searches to get […]