Monthly Archives: February 2004

Write About Ontario

According to Travel Weekly, Ontario is going to shell out the big bucks to bring back tourists post SARS. It might be a good time to pitch some Ottawa stories. Here’s a link to Ottawa Tourism. While several publications do not take articles from sponsored trips, there are some that […]

Happy Valentine’s Day to ME!

I didn't get a diamond today. So, I went after my own… Stolen Antwerp Diamonds Still Missing Yep, I did it. Well, in my dreams. Those of you who know me, or have read my bio in Sand, know that I fantasize about being a jewlery thief. Or bank, since […]

DC Writers Step Up to the Plate

AOL City Guide is hiring temporary editors. OK pay for up to a year. It’s not exactly travel, but it’s good experience if you’re already living in DC. Thanks to Ruben for pointing it out. Read on for the full details…

STA Travel Trust

Hey, look who's giving away money for travel! STA Travel Trust Maybe your next book is worthy of funding…you never know. One caveat, only Australian and New Zealand residents are allowed to apply. If that’s you, read on…

“Writer, Edit Thyself”

Did you see Jan Weiss’s article on Media Bistro yesterday about editing your own writing? Hey, if she can do it…all the power to her. “Writer, Edit Thyself” I’d rather indulge in the luxury of having a good editor at my beck and call. That’s even after I’ve hit preview […]

Transitions Abroad

Yesterday I was surprised to find that a room full of well organized expats had not heard of Transitions Abroad magazine. So, I wanted to spread the word about this uber-helpful travel mag. It covers everything the title implies: working, living, and studying overseas. Don’t fear if the resources section […]

Sandy Sales Overseas

If you thought I was done promoting Sand in My Bra, you were wrong. I had a terrific event with the American Women’s Club in Belgium today. It was held for the Mothers of Young Children group, but open to all in the club. The event had been publicized in […]

Souls of Caribbean-Americans Is Looking for Writers

There is a new publication for Caribbean-Americans coming out and they’re looking for writers. It’s called S.O.C.A. (Souls of Caribbean-Americans), a quarterly, lifestyle publication aimed at bringing the rich and varied culture of the Caribbean to life through intelligent, entertaining and provocative editorial content. I talked to Ethel Monique Johnson, […]

Michael Kelly Award in Journalism

If you think you've got what it takes, by all means turn in your application. The Atlantic Monthly is sponsoring a $25,000 journalism award in honor of Michael Kelly, editor of The Atlantic Monthly and National Journal. Kelly died last April covering the war in Iraq. “The Michael Kelly Award […]

Backpack Nation: $1000 for your travel story

Brad Newsham, noble soul and author of Take Me With You:A Round-the-World Journey to Invite a Stranger Home, is offering up $1000 each for five stories of global kindness. This is part of Phase Two for his passionate project called Backpack Nation. Have you heard of it? Read all about […]