Monthly Archives: March 2004

Crikey! ATTN: Peter Moore Fans

Peter Moore’s next book Crikey!, about his jaunt around Australia, will release this November with Random House Australia. Now what smart US publisher is going to reprint his best books in the States? Travelers’ Tales should think twice about this. Even if they’ve let go of the single author books. […]

I’m in Amsterdam

Just wanted to let you know where I was. I’ll be here tonight and tomorrow night researching part of an article for Student Traveler. The past few weeks I’ve noticed everyone has their head in a cell phone. And two days ago I watched someone send a phone picture. I […]

Travel Blogs in USA Today

If you follow the BootBlog, World Hum, or Rolf Pott’s Vagablogging—you already know about their recent coverage in USA Today. Just in case you don’t, here’s Laura Bly’s Virtual Voyager article: “Travel blogs: They can make the world go round” That was nice props for my hard-working friends and a […]

An End to Bookpeople

Well this is sad news. Dated news since they filed for Chapter 11 last August, but it just crossed my plate over here in London. Bookpeople, the wholesaler for independent presses, has shut its doors. I remember going into their offices and meeting the staff years ago. They were exceptionally […]

A Prize Worth Writing For

Just read the award list for the Writer’s Digest 73rd Annual Writing Competition and I think you’ll be ready to edit your best work and cough up the $15. “$2,500 in cash and the winner’s choice of a trip to New York City to meet with editors and agents, or […]

Learn By Example, Steve Hendrix at the Washington Post

I was really impressed with Steve Hendrix’s article on Vienna, “Waltz This Way”. It was published March 7, in the Washington Post. The article is a perfect blend of personal travel story, humor, and destination info. Who says that a destination piece for a newspaper has to be a dry […]

What to Expect When You Get Published

Jenny Bent spells it out for you. I know I'm always recommending her site to those who are working on book proposals or looking for agents, but I think I missed these two articles the last time I was visiting her site. What to Expect When You Get Published and […]

PLANET Release Party

PLANET magazine is having a party in San Francisco for the release of their sixth issue. This is the same magazine that we gave writers guidelines for last November. From the looks of the invite, it seems like the magazine is just an excuse to throw a great party. Who […]

Travel Savvy

Thanks to Dan E for giving us the heads up on Travel Savvy. I didn’t have the proper membership to get into the How-to-Pitch article on Travel Savvy that came out yesterday. But that was a good reminder that it would be worth my while to sign up. They give […]

Hey Green Tortoise Fans!

Green Tortoise is looking for submissions for their newsletter. You don’t need to have already been on a Green Tortoise adventure, so don’t dismiss it just yet. In fact, this seems like a perfect way to get a discount on a GT trip if you are thinking of taking one […]