Monthly Archives: March 2004

CNN Traveller Magazine

I recently picked up CNN Traveller and am enjoying their different take on travel writing. It’s quite informative. Editor Dan Hayes was quick to get back to me re submission guidelines. Though they seem incomplete, I took them to mean that sure, go ahead, send something in but they better […]

My Life in Travel: Nelly Furtado

Aoife O’Riordain at The Independent interviewed Nelly Furtado. My Life in Travel: Nelly Furtado Maybe this post will expand WR readership to the teen market. When I read it I couldn’t decide if I thought she was a braggard, a kiss arse, or my vote for the next chapstick girl. […]

TT Anniversary Update

Spycam tells me that TT's big bash Friday night was a success. I heard the room was packed, but that’s all I heard. Was anyone there? Tell me what I missed.

Women Bloggers

The NY Daily News recently published an article on New York women bloggers. “I am woman, hear me blog” And it seems natural that I would only hear of this article because of a blogger. Of the ten women, six had been blogging longer than I have here on Written […]

2004 Travel writer’s Prize from 24 Hour Museum

Calling all UK travel writers! It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran writer, or brand new. There will be categories for both. The 24 Hour Museum and Museums & Galleries Month is hosting a travel writing contest with a luxury trip to Paris or Brussels sponsored by Eurostar. “The 2004 […]

Travelers’ Tales is 10 Years Old: Come Celebrate!

That's right, Travelers' Tales is celebrating one whole decade in travel book publishing! It’s shocking. I met Larry Habegger at Book Passage where he was reading from their 2nd book, Mexico. I became their first intern during book three, India. And now their love, sweat, and tears have birthed more […]