Monthly Archives: May 2004

Is Your Travelogue A Household Name?

I was at a party last night listening to my friends talk about their upcoming trip to Russia. The husband was telling us about where they were going and included the advice, “Lars and Jacqui said…XXX about Russia.” Right then, his wife interjected the way couples do in telling a […]

Sometimes I tell you about the websites that I wouldn’t give my writing to. Well, here’s a site that I would. Yep, no pay. All free for now. Why? Because this is the kind of writing you do over happy hour with your friends. Because it’d be fun. Because […]

Signspotting for a RTW ticket

BootsnAll is giving away a free Round the World plane ticket with Star Alliance for the best Signspotting photo of the year. Vote for your fave, or just check it out for the funny pics. They have a button for you to click if you’re a repeat visitor. More info […]

Traveling with Computers

Here are some resources I’ve found for us. But I think we can all agree that in the world of our little electronic friends, faster and fancier options are just around the next email. Please add your experience, advice, and additional resources in the comment section. See you out there!

Europe From a Backpack in Berkeley Tonight

Have you seen this yet? My copy is in the mail. For those of you in the Bay Area, editor Mark Pearson is coming to town. He and Bradley Charbonneau will be reading tonight: WHEN:Wednesday, May 19  WHERE:Berkeley Barnes & Noble (2352 Shattuck Ave)  TIME:7:30pm Europe From a Backpack “Important lessons […]

Jen Leo 6.0

I can no longer complain about my family not reading my writing because 1) I just wrote another piece that I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t see. It’s for the Panties book and there’s way too much nudity for us to maintain straight faces over Thanksgiving dinner. 2) They are […]


I got a newsletter recently that piqued my interest. It was from I can’t remember if this is something I signed up for, or if someone just put me on a list, but I saw that they are looking for writers. Asking for free content for their newsletter is […]

Final Stretch

Sorry to have been remiss this week. I’ve had my head down working on the final manuscript. Right now I’m working on the epilogues to the stories and getting my own story written and rewritten and rewritten. Needless to say, it’s a lot easier to dissect someone else’s story than […]

Going Wireless: A Valiant Attempt to Leave the Stone Age

The most difficult part about being a home-hopper is transitioning to new computer set ups. In Belgium I didn’t have Word and internet access on the same computer. In London, I couldn’t download my pics. In San Francisco it’s a slow ordeal with dial up. And in San Diego it […]