Monthly Archives: September 2004

Whose Panties Event at Bloomsbury Books

The drive up to Ashland was easy. I've done it several times before and mostly knew how far away I was. But I did push it. I had stayed at home until 1:30pm and got to town in just enough time before the event. Suzanne Schlosberg was already there and […]

The Fancy Pants Pictures Are Up!

Oh my gosh you ladies are funny! Susan masterminded this hilarious promotional stunt, and it's a crack up. Decorated panties are coming in to the office and we’ve got them up on Check out the recent entries…I can’t decide which I like better, “Sports Center” or “Wanna Get Lucky?”. […]

Thanks for the Great Kick Off!

Well, I'll admit that this tour came up so fast I still haven't told everyone and am annoying people right and left as I call at the last minute to tell them that I’m coming to town. As Jack Nicholson said in that OCD movie with Helen Hunt, “Don’t You […]

Reading and Party Tonight in San Francisco

If you’re in the Bay Area, come on over to Get Lost and the Orbit Room tonight for my book tour send off! Here are the party details. At the reading tonight will be Elizabeth Asdorian, Jennica Petersen, Rikke Jorgensen, and hopefully the Chronicle superstar GraceAnn Walden. It starts at […]

Whose Panties at Easy Going in Berkeley

I loved kicking off the tour at Easy Going though it was not without a rocky start. GraceAnn Walden was unable to make it, and I had been stuck on a runway in Vegas all afternoon not knowing when I’d get into SFO. But Susan’s quick thinking and rush hour […]

Bookstore Tourism

“‘Bookstore Tourism’ How-To Creates Travel Niche for Booklovers, Supports Independent Booksellers” Oh good grief. Like I have time to read this book. Like I can afford not to read it? Flip a coin. I had a few article ideas from last year’s tour that centered around this idea of indie […]

Copyright Hassles

Yesterday I was at Staples trying to make color copies of clips including those from TIME, Student Traveler, and STA’s Break. But the people at the copy desk wouldn’t let me because of copyright laws. The magazine owns the copyright. “But I’m the author, I’ll show you my id, I […]

EVENTS! Up the West Coast & in the Midwest

Come on out to an event for Whose Panties Are These?! the laugh-out-loud sequel to Sand in My Bra. Events start this week in the Bay Area, and will continue through October in more than 20 locations. Several of the contributors will be reading at the events as well and […]

Saturday News Bits

Lots to report on: BookTV’s taping of the A Sense of Place event at the Pan Pacific Hotel will air Saturday, September 4th, 2004. 9:10pm EST Public Lives: A Biography of Books Rolf Potts included me as his September featured author interview. Check it out if you haven’t already seen […]

Submission Call: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Everybody seems to be hankering after misadventures. I don’t blame them, they’re fun to read. Minneapolis Star Tribune Travel section has the latest call for submissions If you have have a tale that makes people scream, send it in 300 words (or less).