Daily Archives: October 19, 2004

Story Lead?

Can anyone use this? I think there is a fascinating story behind this. Especially if you were to look at it from the perspective of some of the business people. Or farmers, for that matter. Tourist evangelism touted [DenverPost.com] If you do, let us know who you pitched it to […]

The Educated Traveler Newsletter

The announcement reads,”a travel newsletter designed for discriminating people for whom the activities they pursue, the people they meet, the things they learn…the background of a country…are just as important as the destination.” EducatedTraveler.org And guess what? They pay $100 for 800 word submissions. Here are their Writer’s Guidelines “An […]

It Truly Begins

Some of you may know that I've been talking about doing a book proposal, and a book, of my love blunders. I even snuck it into a post a few weeks ago. Until I can think of something better, it’s going to be called How Not to Catch a Man. […]

Thai Sand in My Bra

Guess what Travelers’ Tales got in last week? The Thai translation of Sand in My Bra! I had no idea that someone had approached us for this, but it looks pretty cool. Now we’ve got one in Dutch and Thai. Here it is…