Yearly Archives: 2004

The Vault: Tim Cahill

What do you call it when you find something online that you haven't seen before? And then what’s the word for when a blogger posts about something so outdated? I just Googled Tim Cahill and found this Q&A on Outside Online. Tim Cahill Answers Your Questions He also listed some […]

Thanksgiving.04 Weekly Stats

I know, I know, I didn’t do stats last week. Here you go: Current Reads: my email if I was lucky Movie this week: National Treasure Song a single woman pretends is being sung to her: Lenny Kravitz “Lady”. (Here are the guitar tabs if you want to play it […]

Sunday Travel Book Notes 11.28.04

Heaven is alone time. I’m done with the holidays and have just returned to my wireless fixated, blogging, house-hopping, eat, sleep, and brush-my-hair-whenever-I-want ways. Only now I’m going to look a tad bit cooler doing it because my cousins took me shopping and attempted to hone my eye for an […]

Travel Classics West Conference

Laurie King of the Travel Writers’ Calendar went to the Travel Classics West Travel Writers Conference at The Sanctuary at Camelback, formerly called Troutbeck. She was kind enough to share what she learned on her website for travel writers. I liked this nugget. “You know how in “Writing for Magazines […]

Turkey and Poker

Last year's Thanksgiving story, “We're All Turkeys,” can’t be beat. It is one of my favorites. This year the universal way for the Leos to show their love at Thanksgiving was to show up. My uncle brought his family of five from the East Coast (Virginia and North Carolina). This […]

All In: The Fastest Growing Magazine in 2005

Howard Lederer, Jim McManus, Chris Ferguson, and Ben Affleck are either contributors or on the cover of this premier issue. Um….how fast can I get a copy? Will this be the first magazine subscription that I buy despite being address-challenged? I think so. Bhu Srinivasan is a smart smart man. […]

Travel Tips from Rock Stars

Veteran travelers will know some of the more pracitcal of these tips, like Dave Navarro’s suggestion to underpack, but it’s still fun to hear it from the mouths of musicians. “Rock ‘n’ roll road tips” by Simona Rabinovitch from the Globe and Mail “British DJ Ben Watt, also one-half of […]

Travel Poetry?

The Tupelo Dorset Prize makes me think of how Tim Cahill got his yoga assignment. “Jen, there’s a poetry contest running…are you a poet?” “Me? You mean the stuff with the funny names like iambic pentameter? No way.” “The prize is $10,000.” “Oh, you mean p o e t r […]

Blogalicious…who me?

Damn I wish someone could come over here and take a picture of me. I think I'm blushing. Gadling just gave me some pretty big props and I just might be glowing for the next 48 hours. “Blogalicious Feature – Jen Leo’s Written Road” Oh great, now we have to […]

The School of Hum

I’m seeing Jim Benning tonight for the second time this week, have talked to him several times on the phone, and traded countless emails as well. But even with all that, I almost missed some travel book news. Luckily, I checked the World Hum Blog just now. Their 11.18.2004 post […]