Easy Going Travel Shop Online

I got the sad news this weekend that Easy Going Travel Shop and Bookstore in Berkeley, CA will be closing their brick-and-mortar location on Feb 15, 2005.
As I told Thelma, the owner, the last time I was there, it feels like I’ve grown up in their store. I met Thelma, Julie, Michael, and Laura (their event coordinator before Audrey) ten years ago when I signed on with Travelers’ Tales. Back then I was setting up and attending the events from the audience side. The growing up part was becoming one of their yearly readers on the stage side of the chairs.

Though I seemed to be changing every year, my Easy Going friends were ageless to me. Every time I visited the Berkeley store Julie and/or Michael would tell me which country they’d just got back from, or which road trip they were headed on next. I was always greeted like family, and it was a happy occasion to have a Travelers’ Tales event in their store.

But they’ve had enough people saying sorry, as Michael told me, it gets old. And they’re a little worn down from all the sadness. I’ll be at the Feb 14 party to celebrate all our good times. I don’t know if the party is public or private, but if you know them, give a call and find out. It’d be great if we could thank them all in style.




If you have any travel book needs in the coming months, please buy them from their website. And if I get any more info on what their needs are, I’ll pass them on.

Here are some good memories at Easy Going we shared on WR:
Whose Panties at Easy Going in Berkeley
Tim Cahill: Jen Meets her Hero at Easy Going
Sand at Easy Going

And here’s one more pic of when I was there to kick off the Sand in My Bra tour. Unfortunately, I can’t find the picture of our pink car in front of their store… I’ll keep looking!