Most Common Mistakes on Thong Submissions

So, here I am reading submissions for The Thong Also Rises, and I thought I’d take a minute to pass along my personal editorial pet peeves the most common problems that authors can avoid before turning in their story . I also added some good submission practices for you to copy.


  • Send fiction to a non fiction publisher
  • Send in a manuscript unstapled without your name on any of the story pages
  • Enclose your story in the body of an email without a word doc attachment.

  • Attach a cover letter that informs what book project you’re submitting to, and all contact information you have (the more you look like you know us, the better off you look)
  • Include your contact info in the header or footer of every page of your stapled manuscript.
  • Mention any personal contacts you have with any of the staff so that when you forget to staple your story and it gets knocked off a desk and flies everywhere, we might find one page with your name and if we know and like you we might want to call you to say hey, send that over again, please.




So, got a hilarious women’s travel adventure that you’d like to put your name on, staple, and send in? Great! Please email it to BOTH submit at travelerstales dot com and jen at jenleo dot com. The deadline has been Jan 15, but if you need a few more days to make it that much funnier, go ahead. I’ve still got a bunch to read.