NEED: Cover Photo for The Thong Also Rises

Hey everybody, just in case you have anything…we are in need of a photo to use on the cover of The Thong Also Rises. For you perves just tuning in, this is a women’s humor book. You can check out our previous two book covers online, Sand in My Bra and Whose Panties Are These.

We’re looking for a horizontal photo that is whacky and goofy, a lot like the one for Sand. It can have a woman in a thong from the back, but it makes more sense if it’s silly, or something funny is going on nearby.

I also had the idea that if we couldn’t get just the right photo, I’d dress up like Karen Blixen in Out of Africa. (Photo #17 comes closest). Imagine me in a vintage safari outfit, a long blazer, white collared shirt…only I’ve forgotten to put my pants on and all you can see are my long bare legs with some kind of safari boots on the bottom. Then, there’s a photoshopped elephant and luggage right next to me like I’m waiting for my ride. (Does anybody think they can stage that photo for cheap?)




Anyway, see what you have on hand…it needs to be as good as the woman on the fish from Burning Man on Sand in My Bra.

Send any subs to jenleo at gmail dot com. My personal email doesn’t have room for big files. Thanks!

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