Submission Call: Travel TV Hosts & Stories

A few Travel TV items have recently crossed my desk. Where will you end up, in front or in back of the camera? Here are opportunities for both.

  • The Travel Channel is looking for stories for a new series. “Everyone has had a remarkable, disastrous, sexy, or otherwise exciting travel experience at one time or another. Now’s your chance to share it with the world. The Travel Channel is developing a new series that will spotlight stories from our audience.”
    Instructions are to post in the “Travelers’ Review Section” where “Our editors are standing by to pull out the best dramatic stories for consideration.”
  • is looking for “The Perfect TV Host”.

    Qualified hosts need the following characteristics:




    1. Attentive and good listener- the ability to reciprocate thoughtful exchanges with locals and organization volunteers.
    2. Resourcefulness when adapting to weather conditions.
    3. Bring a high-spirited energy and charismatic youthfulness to the show.
    4. Someone who can add elements of reflection, levity and personality to a show. Someone who can stay focused on the sense of purpose volunteer trips achieve for the traveler.

    Email Editor Max Hartshorne for more info.