2.12.05 Not So Weekly Stats

Current Location: Redwood City, CA

Current Weather: 64F, 17C, sunny

Current Reads: Submissions for the Thong Also Rises

Movies this week: Million Dollar Baby, Wedding Date

Times I snorted laughing while watching the Wedding Date: 1

Times I sang along to the soundtrack of the Wedding Date in the theatre: 2

Pitches rejected: 3

Pitches with potential: 1

New blogs I’m working on launching: 2

Number of people who have thankfully not asked me what they are because I can’t talk about it yet anyway: 0

People pitching me to other editors and getting interest: 1

Travel TV shows holding my audition tape on file: 1

Travel companies working on TV pilots to get my tape this week: 2

Number of people I met who’ve seen Phil Gordon this month: 1

Number of times I watched a portion of Celebrity Poker: 3

Number of friends that think with a stylist Phil Gordon has a shot at being cute: 1




Number of friends who commented on his receding hairline: 2

Number of times I pointed out that at 6’9 not that many people see the top of your head: 1

Number of times my boss punched me in my arm last week: 3

Average number of hugs I give him in a day: 3

Nights I spent at Caesars in Las Vegas: 3

How much I tipped for a $250 haircut at the Caesar’s salon: $35

Number of compliments on my hair I’ve received since: 7

Number of days I laughed while brushing my hair because I couldn’t make it look the way I wanted: 2

Valentine’s Day presents I sent out: 2

Valentines I should still send out: 4

Number of bosses I suckered into taking me out to lunch on Valentine’s Day: 1

Guarrantee there is nothing romantic going on with this boss: 110%

Current writing: pitches, bios, Thong blurbs for sales reps, press releases

Live poker played: 8 hours

Guesstimated amount of money lost learning how to play: $200

Number of poker players a dealer had to tell not to touch me: 1

Number of times a poker player compared me to Annie Duke : 2

Number of poker players that said I smelled like onions: 1

Wifi Girl: McCarren Intl Airport

Gadgets Girl: Canon A95 digital camera

Next trip: None planned, AHHHH!!!!! (Well, Vegas 3/31 but I need one before then)

Requests for me to come to Oregon: 1

Number of family members who called me a snob: 2

Number of attempts to prove said family members were also snobs:2

Success at above attempts: 0

Things in Palo Alto that made me smile: old man driving a classic convertible car, two little boys playing in front of Peet’s coffee

Last week’s stats.

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