Life is Good

So, I’ve been trying to think of what to share with you the past few days and have been drawing blanks. A few weeks ago when I didn’t have time there were all sorts of posts to be done, but I was pulled in other directions. So, what do you want to know, that I got great feedback from my writers group about a magazine query and now I can’t find the edits. That my book Poker: The Real Deal has been missing for three weeks. That I went on two double dates in two days.

I had a great weekend. I was working hard with Sean Keener on a new Vegas blog with BootsnAll. Though it’s no where close to being ready for launch, it’s all about keeping the momentum going. Everything I’m doing now is getting me ready for this summer in Vegas.




This week will be busy wrapping up some TT work before heading to NYC, then as soon as I get back it’ll be over to the Shooting Stars tournament to watch and write about it for pplayer.