Pplayer.com: Showing off the new blog

I am thrilled to finally be able to tell you about the new blog I’m writing for. Pplayer.com is all about poker and it just launched today.


It is one of 70+ blogs by Weblogs, Inc., just named one of five tech companies to watch in 2005.




My co-author, Howard Check is cool, and Weblogs, Inc is awesome. They truly surprised me with how friendly and community oriented they are with their bloggers.

I’ve only got a few posts up there now, but at four a day, it won’t take long to see what else I’m up to. And don’t worry, despite the lack of activity over here recently, Written Road will not be treated like an ugly stepsister. Sheesh, nobody would let me. I’m getting near daily calls from Joe E with what to post. 🙂

Thanks for checking out pplayer. Adding this blog kinda inspires me to make a business card with the title, “professional blogger”. But Mark Johnson, who hired me to blog for HotelChatter last year, says I’ve already been one for years. And guess what? I’m not done. There’s another one coming out soon. In a month or less if I can adjust quickly.