X Quest and Geo Greats on CTV

ice_bikes[2].jpgOK, so what kind of satellite dish cable TV do I need to have to get a Canadian channel?

“X marks the spot for adventure travel” by Kathy Muldoon tells us of some good programming this month.

X-Quest, Sat., Feb. 19 at 9 p.m. on CTV Travel:




The use of the letter X these days has come to mean “over the top.” Short for “extreme”, there are X Games, kids’ TV shows called The X, and there’s even a whole TV channel called EXPN devoted to people hurling themselves through the air using boards and ramps. CTV Travel is in the middle of a series called X-Quest where each episode focuses on someone’s “out there” adventure. The criteria seems to be that it’s life-threatening, and the setting is a place where you couldn’t pop into a drugstore for gauze and Tylenol.

This instalment, called “Blessed In Baikal” is about Kevin Vallely, an adventure racer, cross country skier, mountain bike racer, climber and trail runner, who totes his 8-month-old daughter and spouse on a kayak trip across Siberia’s Lake Baikal. Writing for Mountain Equipment Co-op’s magazine Outpost, Vallely offers tips for traveling with kids, including: “A child is an opportunity, not a hindrance: Travelling with a child exposes you to an entirely new world. It quickly breaks down social barriers and facilitates a unique cultural experience.”

Photographers will want to check out the Geo Greats excerpt.

Man, how cool is CTV Travel?!