Book Launch Party Brainstorm

My brain is fried, but still….Emily just poo-poohed my idea of having a blogging book launch party for The Thong Also Rises. My idea was to have a release party at the Canvas Gallery. Friends and local media would be invited, but bloggers would be especially encouraged to post their favorite travel underwear story in celebration of Thong’s launch.

National bloggers would be encouraged to particpate on the same night.

Emily gave me a funny, “Jen, you are such a geek,” look.




Yeah, well. So? Maybe it’ll just be me and Kevin Smokler blogging head to head with Larry and Susan serving us beers. I dunno.

Anyone have any better ideas for a fun cheap party? Well, there is always the idea of a kegger at my new pad in Vegas. I have to sign a six month lease, so technically, we could do it over there!