Compass the Magazine

Why would anyone want to call themselves the tiniest magazine to cover the globe? Well, they aint’ startin’ small, Little Missy. The cover story right now is Texas. Still, using strong adjectives over weak ones will help when you’re branding.

Compass the Magazine

So, who are they? Another travel website trying to be a little bit different from the rest.




“We started compass magazine because we couldn’t find comfortable literature about living and traveling abroad. There was plenty of stuff for the poor and eager backpacker, the mountain man, or the blithe jet setter, but nothing for all of them at once. So we came up with a simple idea: provide informative, evocative stories to help people better understand the places they travel, whether they’re flying first-class or hitchhiking to get there.

Each quarterly issue of compass looks at one world region. Selected articles focus on the unique dynamics of that region – political, social, and cultural happenings – because we want to give readers more than a single story, a mere snapshot.”

Anyway, I don’t have time to go look up the other comfortable travel lit online, but it passed my desk this past week and I’ve been meaning to get it over to you. Writers new to travel writing are always asking me about places they can get their start, and here’s a new outlet. And like always, I recommend that you give,, Travelers’ Tales Editors’ Choice, and, a shot. There are good things going on at these sites and all four are worthy of namebuilding in exchange for free content.

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