Don George’s New Book on Travel Writing

dontwbook.jpgThat’s write. That’s right! Either way you look at it, Don George is releasing a brand new book about our favorite subject. A how-to from all the insight he’s garnered through many years of experience. Believe it or not, this is the first book that he has authored. Edited several, but this one is all Don.

I’m going to try and get the inside scoop from him for flavah, but until then here’s a little something something to ignite our excitement and push us towards the edge of our seat. Or knocking over the people in the way at the bookstore, whichever you prefer.

Can I just say, YAY DON!!!!!!!




Lonely Planet Guide To Travel Writing


  • The secrets of a great story
  • The best ways to research
  • What makes a winning pitch
  • How to get your name in print
  • Quirks of writing for newspapers, magazines, Web & books
  • Extensive writers’ resources & industry organizations

There are also all sorts of interviews and tips from editors, writers, and agents in the industry. But I’m just taking that from the pr material. Lonely Planet Guide To Travel Writing is flooded with names, but that’s no reason to buy it. Don’s got enough experience to turn your dream of travel writing into a reality. $18.99 is a small investment to pay.

And in case you missed it, Rolf interviewed Don George this month on his website.