Thunderbird…Just in the Nick of Time

I've been saved from a crescendo of email despair. My yahoo mail system has been dragging me down, and I got organizational envy when Larry and I were on the flight back from NYC. He had d’loaded all his email and was answering them on the flight. One in the outbox, two in the outbox, ten in the outbox. Meanwhile hundreds were gathering dust on my web service.

Well, no more. Now I can answer and outbox mine offline as well. Sean Keener set me up with Thunderbird and one of my three email addresses is working on it. I’ve got filters for all the real life spam (mega work correspondence), and most of all, I have speed. Oh is it fast now. No more clicking back to the inbox or next every time I want to see the new emails.

This is really going to make me more efficient and it is years overdue. Huge thanks, Sean, and to you all for indulging me in my hip hip hurrah vent for efficiency.




Thunderbird: Reclaim Your Inbox

“If you’ve lately taken to cursing at your current e-mail program, then I suggest you give Thunderbird a try. It’s the best thing to happen to e-mail in a long time.” [Forbes, February 07, 2005]

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