Swink Magazine

Swink is a fairly new print magazine that also publishes exclusive theme issues only available online. The mag is bicoastal and biannual, “…dedicated to identifying and promoting literary talent in both established and emerging writers.” They are interested in writing that, “…pushes the boundaries of the traditional¬ówriting that is new in concept, form or execution; that reflects a diversity of thought, experience or perspective; that provokes or entertains.”

Issue 2 of the print mag debuts April 20. A sneak preview can be found here. Issue two of the online mag is already up here.

Swink publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry and interviews, and sponsors readings and events in New York City and Los Angeles. There is info on their website about an April 23 reading in LA. You can sign up for alerts via email.

They are currently accepting submissions for both versions of their magazine. Print submissions must be via regular mail, online submissions can be emailed. Here are some specifics about how to submit to each:

Print Mag: They consider fiction, essays and poetry on an ongoing basis, which have not been previously published in English. Submissions are accepted for these sections:



  • Takes One to Know One: Features essays in which a writer, musician, filmmaker, lawyer, postal worker [etc.]…or just about anyone, writes about someone else, living or dead, who shares his or her vocation or avocation. (I am sure this could be creatively done for a travel writer in numerous ways. Take a stab at it!)
  • Peregrinations: Features essays on travel or journeys (‘nuf said)
    Here is an example from issue two.
  • Damaged Darlings: A section for collaborative writing in which one author hands off a story of theirs that’s been abandoned for whatever reason, to another writer they trust to complete. (They call it an “experiment in literary genetics”)

For work published in the print magazine, they offer authors four copies of the issue in which their work appears. When funding is available, small honorariums may also be offered, depending on length and genre.

Detailed guidelines for submission to the print mag are here.

Online mag:

The theme for issue three (due out in August 2005) is “Taking Sides”. They are currently accepting submissions (essays, fiction and poetry) in which, “…choosing sides, changing allegiances, or crossing over, plays a key role, whether it’s quitting the Peace Corps to work for a x-rated magnate or leaving Los Angeles for Lincoln, Nebraska.” More examples and detailed guidelines for the online mag are here. If a piece is accepted for publication in the online addition, writers receive a 1-year subscription to the print Swink. Submissions are due by June 1.

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