Switching Emails

I recently redirected my email address. Jen at Jen Leo dot com was going to a Yahoo account and now it’s redirected to a gmail account. I know there are a handful of you that have written me in the past few months regarding help and/or the holiday help I wasn’t able to finish and I didn’t get back to you. So if you’re seeing this now, and I haven’t replied to a *recent* email, please resend it. As swamped as I am I don’t have time to respond to every email comment or request, but I remember a few in the past weeks that I did want to get back to.

I don’t have time to help you these next two weeks, so please don’t take this as an invite to send me requests, but I’d like to put your email in the new place and at least respond to you in some fashion if you were already in touch.




Many apologies for not being able to do more.