Latitudes Mag

I have to echo Erik’s post at Gadling to check out Latitudes Mag, tag line: Travel Attitudes.

It’s more travel experience than travel narrative, but a very creative twist on the traditional travel magazine, with visuals and sound that literally take you there. Described as “Magazine for Broadband”, the site requires flash and may take some time to load if you have a slow connection.




Issue 2 went live yesterday — features include bits on Brazil, Kaliningrad, Mali and Holland. You can sign up for a newsletter to learn when new issues are released.

Have some fun exploring the pages, and do check out the funny Italian cartoon – Le Vaccanze by TacoMaco – about half way through Issue 1. (The cartoon for Issue 2 won’t be available online until May 16.) Published out of Milan, online versions are available in English and Italian, except for Premiere Issue 0. Enjoy!