PLANET looking for intern

I’m a big fan of internships. I was the first intern at Travelers’ Tales and learned heaps about publishing from all angles. It’s a great way to take a look at a business that you have an interest in when you are a little deficient on the experience side, or if you just don’t know which position/job you want to start at. It’s great for people in college or straight out of college figuring things out. And even if you learn, whoa, publishing is not what I thought it was, that is still valuable time spent.

With that out of the way, PLANET magazine is looking for an intern. It’s unpaid, but I would suggest worth your time if you’re considering a step into the magazine business.

From Craigslist:




PLANET Magazine – voted best San Francisco Magazine by SF Weekly – needs a publishing intern for 10-15 hours weekly. Duties include assisting Operations Manager with administrative work, research, and subscription marketing. Some experience in publishing is preferred. This position is unpaid, however, it offers great resume experience and some perks. Email cover letter and resume to for consideration,

It seems they are looking for other positions to fill as well. Here are their contributors guidelines.