Vegas Stats

Current Location: Redwood City, CA

Current Weather:68F, In Vegas…94F

Current Reads:, Tao of Poker, Jay Greenspan’s WSOP reports, and GavinLIVE

What I’m listening to: Phil Gordon’s Podcasts

Movies this week: Star Wars

Days in Vegas since the move: 62

Days since the World Series of Poker started: 14

Number of poker players I know that won more than $1 million in the last month: 1

Repetoire of casino games I now know how to play: Craps, Hold’em Poker, Pai Gow, Baccarat, Let it Ride, and the dreaded BlackJack.

Funnest game besides craps: Pai Gow

Days since I’ve played Pai Gow: Possibly since my birthday weekend

Cheapest price of unleaded gas I’ve found: $2.17

Number of restaurants I’ve been to in the last week: 4 that I can remember.

Number of times I was hit on in the last three days: 3

Weirdest of the three: You decide…

  • Losing poker player crossing my path at the WSOP, saying I look familiar, then checking my ring finger and telling me women without wedding rings are trouble….returning to his game…then leaving his seat to come tell me that if I’m not beating them off with a stick I really need to give nice guys like him a chance.”
  • Blonde girl excitedly yelling at me from her SUV in traffic…telling me to roll down the window of my 15 yr old Volvo clunker, and asking me if I were single. Wasn’t sure if it was for her or for her drunk brother in the car
  • Poker writer sniffing my shoulder but pretending not to




Number times I’ve started to wear my fake engagement ring but didn’t because I was too embarrassed at how big and fake it is: 3

Thoughts that I really need to start taking notes for the Vegas memoir: 2/day

Biggest worry from last month about new memoir: I need to have sex in order for it to be a good book

Biggest worry about memoir now: What the hell is going to be about if I’m not fooling around with a variety of players and haven’t mastered reporting on poker hands

2nd biggest worry about new memoir:I’ll have a great Summer and won’t take the time to write it up

Thing that is bothering me the most that has nothing to do with the memoir: I haven’t started podcasting at the WSOP

Thing that’s bothering me even more than that now that I think about it: Not keeping in better contact with some of my best friends from college and high school

Number of projects I’m currently working on: 6-7

Number of really cool projects potentially out there for me if I weren’t so busy already: 1

Number of times I’ve seen a psychic at the Palms since moving to Vegas: 1

Credibility I gave that psychic: 0

Number of visitors I’ll see this week: 4

Number of friends that have come to town that I’ve missed seeing: 3

Requests I’ve received to jump out of a cake at a bachelor party 1

Thing I’m most looking forward to this week: Area 51s Minor League Baseball Game on Monday night

2nd best thing I’m looking forward to this week: Watching my Canadian poker player friends have their crack at the World Series of Poker!

Number of Canadian poker players I’ve met in the past year: 7

Latest I’ve ever stayed out and came home: 5 a.m.

Oh yeah, writing…Number of Magazines I had an article in this month: 1 (June issue of Audrey)

Number of Magazine dept pieces I have coming out in September: 1 (Playboy)

Number of magazine pitches I sent out this week: 1

Number of pitches I’m working on right now and figuring out where to send them to: 2

Number of poker magazines I’m trying to write for: 2

Number of poker websites asking me to write for them: 1

Number of poker website directors wondering why I’m not trying to write for them: 1

Number of magazines already lined up to do an interview of me for Thong: 1

Last Trip: Australia

Next Trip: Paris

What are you up to?