World Hum 2.0 Is Here!

The new redesign launches today and I got a sneek peek! First of all, it’s important to tell you that World Hum fans are not losing anything from the old site. The great dispatches, resource links, and the best weblog on travel writing will all carry over.

So, what’s the difference? World Hum 2.0 is dressed to go out! In the RSVP world, they’ve upgraded their attire to Smart Casual. And based on the content, they’d be prepared to talk the talk at any travel writer’s cocktail party.

New Features include:

  • RSS feeds and permalinks for the weblog
  • Categories for the weblog so you can still browse their archive
  • “Ask Rolf” column – where Rolf answers your travel questions
  • Book Review column – Frank Bures starts this section with his take on Big Brother in Burma
  • “Speaker’s Corner” – with Jeff Greenwald discussing “Burma’s Ongoing Cycle of Despair” (Taking submissions!)
  • World Hum Store – promoting the books of World Hum contributors
  • “Greetings From” – Unedited, uncensored e-mails home from travelers around the world. (Taking submissions!)

So you know, I’m aching to be a part of World Hum. All it takes is time, focus, a little creativity, and to write! You can write for World Hum, too. Check out their submissions page for more details on how to contribute to their Dispatches, Greetings From, and Speaker’s Corner section.




World Hum one was already my favorite website on travel writing, but version 2.0 just kicked it into Platinum for me. Jim, Mike, GREAT job! All your hard work has really shown through. And lets also give a warm welcome to Jennifer Chung, Terry Ward, Frank Bures, and Rolf Potts for joing the team. Additional kudos to Hop Studios who brought them into their new sleek look. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

Note: I talked to Jim today and they’re still working out the kinks, so don’t worry if you see some little bugs, they’re slaving away…