Not So Weekly Stats July 30

Current Location: Detroit to LAX

Current Weather: who knows, cooler than Vegas

Current Reads:Vegas Trivia, and Avant Guide Las Vegas

Movies this week: Wedding Crashers X 2, Sahara, Fever Pitch, The Jacket, Beauty Shop

Months in Vegas since the move: 3.5

Days since I’ve been in Vegas: 10

Days until I’ll be in Vegas again: 4

Days since I’ve last been in a casino: 4

Magazine articles I’m currently Writing: 1

Magazines currently writing about me: 1

Times I introduced myself as a travel humor writer after accidentally spilling a full grande coffee down my leg upon boarding a nine hour flight: 1




Seatmate’s response: “Maybe this will make you funnier.”

Number of full glasses of red wine I spilled within 24 hours of the coffee spill: 1

Number of tablemates laughing at me then: 5

Total cities Rolf Potts and I have now had drinks together in: 10

Number of those cities that were not in the U.S.: 3

Days until Boyfriend X begins his debut tour: 19

Estimated # of friends (he needs to meet) that he’ll get introduced to: 16+

Estimated # of aquaintances he’ll meet that I’ll be ok with him not remembering: 20+

Current total of my peeps vs his peeps that have been met: 11 v. 9

Thoughts I’ve had about getting him a debut T-shirt with the tour cities listed on the back: 2

Scheduled tour stops booked: 2 out of 4

Tour cities he might not realize he needs to make a stop on: 2

Times a steward on the airplane asked me to reach into his pocket for a piece of candy: 1

Writers from Rolf’s class I gave one on one writing critique and consultation to: 5

Biggest worry: why my right hand hurts

Next Trip: San Francisco to speak at the Left Coast Writer’s event Aug 1

Last Trip: Paris

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