Summer Travel MP3CDs

The Sunday Times had an article on The Sounds of Summer this past weekend. I thought the idea of having Matt Dillion read Jack Kerouac’s On the Road sounded interesting….

“Dillon gives the impression that he’s coming at the text (all 10 hours, 15 minutes) in a blind, flying leap, but this rough-and-ready approach, in all its gravelly intensity, is well matched to the book’s free-flowing spontaneity.”




William Roberts reads Bill Bryson’s The Lost Continent, and Alex Jennings reads Charlie Connelly’s Attention All Shipping.

I don’t know who these readers are, and I’ll admit I had to look up what an MP3CD was as well. So, for those of you UK Written Road readers, have at it. I’d buy the Bryson one sight unseen, and they sold me on Dillion’s Kerouac. If any of you have heard these, lets us know how they are.