Vegas Stats July 10, 2005

Current Location: Vegas, Baby!

Current Weather: 95 -104F

Current Reads:

What I’m listening to: The sound of poker chips being shuffled, passed between dealer and players, and tossed across the table at the World Series of Poker. With more than 200 tables, it’s often the first thing you hear when entering the room, and louder than you could imagine. I love it.

Movies this week: Stood up for Cinderella Man! Will try again….

Months in Vegas since the move: Almost 3

Days left in the World Series of Poker: 7

Friends still competing in the WSOP: 2

Average hours a day I spend at the World Series of Poker: 5

Average hours a day all the other media spend at the WSOP: 12 – 15

Hours I’ll probably spend there this week: 50+

Cash paid on a bet to dance with a lone guy in front of a hired stage girl at Doyle Brunson’s party: $50

Number of bloggers that wrote this up: 2

Times me and my new boyfriend got our pictures in the Las Vegas Sun this week: 1

Times Boyfriend X was quoted vs I was quoted in the article: 4 vs. 3

New casino game I learned how to play: 3, 5, 7

The refreshed current list of casino games I know how to play: Craps, Hold’em Poker, Pai Gow, Baccarat, Let it Ride, “3,5,7”, and the dreaded BlackJack.

Funnest game besides craps: Still Pai Gow




Money won at Pai Gow on the fourth of July: $15 from 20 minutes

Money I lost at Pai Gow last night: $45 from 90 min

Money I lost to a professional poker player while he was banking at Pai Gow last night: $60

Money I got from a side bet he created so I could recoup some of my losses: $20

Chance that said pro will greet me with smiles when I see him next at the WSOP: 90%

Chance that he’ll greet Boyfriend X with indifference or a scowl for no good reason the next time he sees him at the WSOP: 90%

What I paid for gas this week: $2.39

Weirdest place I was hit on since last stats: car wash at 9:30 a.m.

Number of guys who hit on me at a party while Boyfriend X had his arm around me: 1

Number of times I was being perved on in the media room while downloading a podcast: 1

Why I’m so fascinated by all this strange and random guy weirdness: I’m convinced it has something to do with Vegas, since it doesn’t happen in San Francisco or anywhere else.

Times I thought about wearing my fake engagement ring but didn’t: 1

Magazine editors that came to me to write for them: 1

Magazine editors that I pitched spontaneously and got assignment 1

Number of magazine pitches I sent out by email this week: 1

Times I thought about the memoir this week: maybe once

Number of friends that want to build a documentary or TV show around me: 2

New biggest worry: I’m going to seriously hurt my right thumb if I don’t buy a new mouse in the next 36 hours

Other things that I broke and should have bought more than a week ago: phone charger and black bra

Family that have come to town in the past week: 3

Friends currently here visiting right now: 2

Important projects that I waited till the end of stats to tell you about: 3

My new Vegas Travel Website I’m working on:

New thing I’ve added to my repetoire : Podcasting

Where I’m podcasting:—formerly pPlayer— (look for them on my personal Card Squad page…and yes, feel free to laugh, I am!)

Who I’d like to be podcasting for: The Travel Channel

Thing I’m going to miss most about the WSOP when it ends: Poker Media friends in my Vegas life…so, here’s a pic of me and Dr. Pauly, the most edgy poker blogger on the web. Cheers to getting in eachother’s books. Pauly.

Guarrantee that Pauly is not Boyfriend X: Solid

Next Trip: Paris

And for Rolf…but not about Rolf….months till I might get my long awaited international loooove travel: 2

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