Writing Heroes: To Meet Them, or Not…

Sometimes I think we’re not meant to meet our heroes. Last night around midnight or later, I was introduced to Anthony Holden. He wrote Big Deal: One Year As A Professional Poker Player , and I’ve talked about him on Written Road before. His book was the first that got me interested in poker, and I could probably trace my interest in moving to Vegas back to the pleasure I got from reading his book.

So, when Steve Hall and Richard told me that he was in the room and that they’d introduce me, I was pleased. I didn’t know what to say to London Tony except give him some thanks for helping me get here. I wasn’t my usual walk right up and introduce myself, self. Instead I just buried myself in my blogging and then let it happen naturally when he joined our table a little later. Steve introduced me, and all I said was hello. I didn’t ask about his new book, which I would’ve liked to. I just didn’t. I shook his hand and kept working. Mostly because he had been drinking and I didn’t feel the vibe. For a brief moment I was hard on myself for not trying harder to engage him in conversation, but I knew that there really wasn’t any having of it.




I kept at my work and Steve and Richard related some stories to me about him.

Believe it or not, it was enough. Is Anthony Holden really a writing hero for me? Maybe. But it’s nothing like Tim Cahill where I can just slap him on the butt and buy him a beer. With Tim, I will always be myself, and that meeting was meant to be. It’s ok if it wasn’t with Tony.