How Writers Get Paid

OK, so this doesn’t have anything to do with travel writing, but I think it’s interesting from a freelancers perspective. I wrote an article for the Sept/Oct issue of Women Poker Player and the editor asked me for my Neteller address so she could pay me.

I’m sure you can use it for all sorts of payment transactions, but the only thing I know Neteller from is that I had to get one so I could put money into an online poker room and play on my laptop. I had never used it for anything else. When she said that, I wondered if this was a poker world thing, or if this was a turn in the industry for all kinds of writers.

I think this would make for an interesting article if any of you have writing related outlets. How are people getting paid today and what’s the average time it takes to get paid?

Types of payment:




Automatic Deposit
Pay Pal
Promise to pay but it never happens

My last two magazine assignments have paid promptly both by check and this Neteller situation. But I have to remind/inquire about a payment I should be receiving any time now for another Sept issue mag.

How are you doing with getting paid? Is it timely?