Are You Writing this Weekend?

Labor Day weekend. Some of you have emailed me with notice of time allotted for writing this weekend. That makes me happy, and since we’re at the half way point, or just after, I thought I’d check in with you.

So…are you writing?

Or are you beaching, partying, wining and dining? Hopefully you’re not working like me. Don’t worry, I’ve been taking some time off and even got over to have a look at the Pacific, see a movie (Four Brothers), have sushi with friends, get some Matzo Ball Soup at Jerry’s Deli, and win a few SNGs (poker).

But right now I’m researching a few stories. This week was a banner week for me in the assignment dept. Mother Load: I had editors from one newspaper, one magazine, and one website all invite me to write for them. And that doesn’t even include a secondary potential magazine lead. I didn’t even pitch any of them. This has all been from the Jen Leo school of making friends.




As icing on the cake, a bookseller from a prominent indie bookstore told me she keeps looking for a book written solely by me.

So, I’m at it. I’ve made my list of all these leads and put them on my desk so I can see them. I’m Google-ing away and taking notes. Square one.

But…as every writer needs to fess up to their distractions…I just found out that A&E is running back to back episodes of 24 all day and all night long! Lucky me, they are currently running one of the last shows that I saw early on this season. That means there’s a good chance I can catch up on the whole season by 10:00 p.m. tonight.

Speaking of fessing up…what are you doing? Getting anything done? What are your distractions.