Left Coast Writers Party for The Thong Also Rises

You’ve heard me mention how great the Left Coast Writers are before, but there’s nothing like coming out with a new book and having a ready made group of friends and writing enthusiasts want to support your work and celebrate with you! Linda Watanabe McFerrin made this great group happen, and I’m grateful for her continued friendship and joy for my growth. She has known me since I was a wee thing. Aw.

Thanks also goes to the Monticello Inn who kindly hosted this. Tammy spread the word and poured the wine. The room was filled, but not super packed. Jennifer Colvin came to read her story, “Heave Ho!”, and Kate McClean turned up at the last minute since she was strolling through town. She read a bit of “The Yellow Lady.”




The best part of the night was when some guy who’d come in from the East Bay with his wife demanded to hear a whole story and not just some quick two minute teasers. So, I read one of my faves, Laurie Notaro’s “An American (Drug-Smuggling) Girl.” The audience was laughing their butts off every few sentences! If you’ve read Laurie’s work, you know that this hilarious adventure was about her attempting to smuggle some pharmaceuticals across the border. She and her husband are quite the comic pair. The room was in an uproar, and when I finished, Linda said, “Jen, you HAVE to meet Daniel.” Naturally I assumed that Daniel was some agent or film producer, or owner of a comedy club and I had just done such a super job that Linda wanted to be a networking matchmaker.

But no, Daniel had handed Linda his business card mid-story. He was with. US Customs and Border Protection. I read the biz card aloud, and we all howled some more.
Thanks for coming everyone, and to Jeff with Book Passage who sold nine books.