Worldwide Freelance Writer

You’re probably already getting the Worldwide Freelance Writer newsletter. If not, sign up, it’s FREE. As newsletters go, they can pile up in our inbox and it’s easy to ignore them. But today I thought, hey, I haven’t read WFW in a while. And I’m so glad I did.

They had an interesting article about how to make your reader get a sense of place in your writing.

“It’s My Hometown: Making the Reader Feel Like a Local,” by William Dean. It’s not online yet, but I hope they add it to their growing list of articles for the freelance writer. You could spend all day reading Writing 101.




But back to Dean’s article. He talked about going beyond the list of street names and landmarks to draw the reader into the local setting. There was, of course, the reminder to think with our senses. And a good note on NOT getting lost in too much detail.

Sure, you’ve probably already heard this stuff a million times. But I liked hearing it one more time. It is especially good to be reminded if you’re reworking a story you wrote ages ago. This is just the kind of basics that we need to make sure we’ve done when editing. Writing is rewriting. Ah yes.