Bunch of New Travel Books

TT HawaiiI meant to get some market leads up this week, but things have been a bit crazy. I haven’t been traveling like our fearless leader and book touring diva Jen, but I’m gearing up for some 2006 travel of my own and finally took the big step of giving notice at my day job this week. (You can follow along at my new Bootsnall blog!)

I’ve also been adjusting to life as a professional blogger with regular posts at Gadling. I’ve noticed that I can’t help but write about new book releases in the travel genre — it seems I read about at least one a day, each sounding better than the last. Yet I haven’t been able to actually read any of them.

Since I’ve mentioned several books over at Gadling in the past month, I thought I’d link to them here as a summary, starting with the latest from Travelers Tales!

TT’s Japan and Hawaii Guides

Mark Twain on Travel and Following the Equator

The Meaning of Tingo




Lighten Up Backpacking

Adventure Divas

Pedalling to Hawaii

Breaking Trail

Bruce Feiler’s Bible books

Armchair Diplomat

Some of these are travel writing, others are travel related, and a few have yet to be released. If you’ve read any and can share a quick review in the comments, please do. I hope to hear that others are enjoying all the great writing that is out there. And if you have any tips on how you balance the happy medium between writing time and reading time, please share those too!