Frommer’s Favorite Travel Blogs

There’s nothing like getting kudos at the same time as all your friends! BootsnAll, WorldHum, Vagablogging, Gadling, and I all got props for our blogs….and I love that they put Rolf and me together. Nice. Hey Rolf, they called us smart, fun, travel experts! And they like our personal voice…

So, you want some inside diary type info? I pulled into Salem, IL night before last, got into my room, and the phone rang. It was Rolf, back from assignments in Greece. He made my day. We talked about each other’s ’06 book plans, potential parties in October/November, possibly doing a California road trip together, and a travel writing workshop we’re going to teach next year. Ooh wait, that was promotional. Well, that’s ok, Frommer’s whispered that I’m too self-indulgent and promotional. Um yes, would they have noticed me if I wasn’t?

Don’t worry folks. I got lots of good industry stuff while I was on the road…I’ll try and write some of it up on the plane back to Cali…stay tuned for hot new travel books!




Reminds me, the other great part about the Frommer’s blog list, is that there were sites on there that I didn’t know about. Please read the full article, “Editor’s Choice: Our Favorite Travel Blogs,” to see what other travel resources are out there. The Frommer’s Staff know their shit…their lives are consumed by as much travel as ours. Probably more.