Jen Leo’s Favorite Links

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that since we’ve made the site look a bit cleaner, I also updated my Favorite Links. Before, we had a very short list on the left column, but now I fleshed it out some and it has it’s own page. You’ll find:

  • Writing Resources
  • Resources for Book Lovers
  • Job Resources
  • Travel News & Inspiration
  • Travel Blogs
  • Travel Book Publishers
  • Travel Book Stores
  • Travel Writers

Please know that this is not a comprehensive list, but more in tune with the title, Favorite. I might add to them, but this page is NOT a call for more people to suggest link exchanges. I don’t do link exchanges. You wouldn’t believe how many of these annoying emails I get. No, if you want to introduce me to your site, just use our contact page, and I’ll consider checking it out and putting it up on Written Road. That’s it, plain and simple.




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