Travel Publications Update — only $139!

Have you seen this? Sure it’s a lot more expensive than the list that puts out, but I like their style. And their updates appear trustworthy on first glance.

Travel Publications Update
is a database of 500 travel magazines, and 200 newspaper travel section editors.

They suggest it for PR people, but it’s obvious that it’d be useful for travel writers as well. Can we say contacts? Actually, it’d be best as a reference tool. Based on the sample listings, the database summaries the mission of the magazine, what they’re looking for, and who they get their articles from. Contacts tend to be high level editors, so for the big glossies, you wouldn’t necessarily want to send your query to them. Instead, use this in tandem with yout own magazine research, and current masthead listings for Managing Editors. Browse their list of publications to see who’s on their list.

TPU listed Arthur Frommers Budget Travel Magazine as on listing example.




I want it.

You can order it online or by calling 800-523-7274.