I Never Thought I’d be a Guidebook Writer

Why? It’s so much work for such little pay. But I got a call last month and they got me when I was too busy to think about it. Funseekers is smartly rebranding themselves as Pulse Guides. And they needed someone who knows and loves Vegas to give them a revamp. So, I’m in Vegas humping up and down the Strip checking out all the new hotspots, working with PR people, eating more than I want to review restaurants, and doing my best to get online in a city that could give a rats ass about the Internet. The book will be respectable when I get done with it, but I need to be done before the end of the month. This could be the hardest I’ve ever worked on something. Maybe. Andrew Nystrom, you’re a saint.

But here’s the trick. Doing extra research in Vegas for this guidebook, is also the exact research I need to do for Viva Las Vegas Blog. I need to stay up on all things Vegas, period. And if I want to write another article for a newspaper or magazine about Las Vegas, it all ties in. The point is….if you’re just getting your start in travel writing or you’re in the middle of a frustrating article, spend a few minutes thinking about alternative uses for the research you’ve just done. More often than not, a different approach can lead to more work. And just the idea that it is possible, will provide a little relief.




That said, in the future, remind me I never want to be a guidebook writer. Too much work, too little pay.