Writing in Starbucks

I’m such a sell out. It might be part of living in LA. I bought Xmas presents on Amazon this morning and now I’m at the Starbucks on Ventura Blvd. writing with a friend of mine. I’ve got screenwriters on each side of me, or did. There’s a new guy to my right and he’s reading a book. How refreshing. Not a laptop, not a newspaper, a book. I’m writing the Night + Day Las Vegas book, but nobody notices book writers and that’s just fine. It’s not as good eaves dropping as a movie script.

I’m considering moving to Long Beach with the boyfriend. We spent more time there this past weekend and my delusions are gone. Long Beach is a bit gritty. However, there’s still a feeling of neighborhood upgrade in the air in the Bluff Heights/Bluff Park neighborhood at Broadway and Redondo. They’ve got gorgeous craftsman homes in the $500-$600k range which is bargain city in California. Similar houses would cost in the high 700k and up where we are in Burbank right now. And to walk or ride a bike near the beach is something to look forward to. Walking the streets makes me want to have an office on Broadway.




I’m spending January with John, wherever he is. Burbank, maybe Lithuania. But I still can’t help surfing travel deals when I hear whisper of them. The MobiBlog is dangerous, I’m telling you.

My friend Sean (not Keener) and I are travel dream talking. Breaks in Cuba, Cancun, and the Yucutan Peninsula call. Man oh man would it be nice to hide out on a beach somewhere for a month. Even two three weeks. Okay, back to work. Happy Holidays everyone!