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Travel Writers Pull Together for Tsunami Benefit

Here’s the kind of cool stuff I miss by not living in New York! Ayun Halliday, author of No Touch Monkey! (And contributor to Whose Panties Are These?), wrote a brand new travel story for this Tsunami benefit hosted by Go in my place if you’re in New York. […]

Most Common Mistakes on Thong Submissions

So, here I am reading submissions for The Thong Also Rises, and I thought I’d take a minute to pass along my personal editorial pet peeves the most common problems that authors can avoid before turning in their story . I also added some good submission practices for you to […]

Submission Call: Travel TV Hosts & Stories

A few Travel TV items have recently crossed my desk. Where will you end up, in front or in back of the camera? Here are opportunities for both. The Travel Channel is looking for stories for a new series. “Everyone has had a remarkable, disastrous, sexy, or otherwise exciting travel […]

Growing Up Global

David Armstrong had a review of Growing Up Global in the San Francisco Chronicle this weekend: “Life with no homeland, many homes” Here are the nice things he has to say about the book. “Unrooted Childhoods: Memories of Growing Up Global,” edited by Faith Eidse and Nina Sichel (Nicholas Brealey, […]

No More Holiday Edits

Sorry folks, I have to turn you away and I don’t feel good about it. I received lots of replies to the holiday edit offer, and I haven’t even gotten to most of them. I’m slammed, and if it means being the bad guy, sadly, I have to play that […]

Preditors & Editors

This has been around for a long while but I just saw it again this morning and wanted to pass it to you. If you were one of the ones that made a list of 96 New Year’s Resolutions you might or might not get to you swear you’re going […]

Marybeth Bond and Jeff Greenwald on the Tsunami

The Tsunami reports are shaking everyone. But in the Travelers’ Tales family, it’s been the most difficult for author Marybeth Bond. Marybeth is our best-selling author of Gutsy Women and award-winning editor of A Woman’s World, A Woman’s Passion for Travel, A Woman’s Europe, and the upcoming A Woman’s Asia. […]

Quick Update

Yes, I've got lots of leads and goss to pass to you. But time and energy is at a maximum tightness right now. Susan, who does about five jobs at Travelers’ Tales had back surgery yesterday and I’m in the office trying to cover said, five, or is it six, […]

Having Trouble Commenting on WR?

We've been having some technical difficulty with the comments section. We’re working on it and they should be open. If you have trouble uploading a comment, just use the Email WR link and we’ll get it sorted. Thanks for your patience.

1.01.05 Weekly Stats

Sorry I didn’t get these out last Friday. Or two days ago, for that matter. Current Location: Truckee, California (Lake Tahoe), now Redwood City, CA Current Weather: 30F, -1C Number of things I’m doing at the same time this very minute: 4 (running the dish washer, eating lunch, checking email, […]