Monthly Archives: March 2005

Sightseeing on NPR

Remember when I was raving about Rattawut Lapcharoensap’s Sightseeing? Well he was on NPR today. ‘Sightseeing’: Beyond the Tourist’s Thailand Audio of the All Things Considered program will be available at 7:30PM tonight.

Healthcare Traveler: Articles & Contest

If you’re a writer who is, has been or aspires to be a "mobile provider", you may find your niche at Healthcare Traveler Magazine. Healthcare Traveler is the only specialty journal of its kind written for both veteran healthcare travelers and professionals who are considering this exciting practice alternative. Readership […]

Not So Monthly Stats

Current Location: Palo Alto, CA Current Weather: 61F, 16C, Sunny Current Reads: Poker news on the web Movies this week: 0 Times I almost went to the movies but there was nothing I wanted to see: 1 Pitches: 3 in 1 Magazine pitch Assignment: 1 Times I was quoted in […]

Tony Perrottet in SF This Week

I met Tony at the NY Times Travel Show, and man is he fun. That venue was way too small for him and I wished he’d had a whole seminar instead of just a signing. Who am I talking about? Tony Perrottet is the author of The Naked Olympics and […]

NY Round Table Writers’ Conference

The First Annual New York Round Table Writers’ Conference will take place on April 29 and 30th. From the conference website: Network with Publishing Industry Insiders: editors, agents, publicists, bestselling authors, and publishers from top houses. Meet representatives from: Random House, Crown, USA Today, The Jeff Herman Agency, James Fitzgerald […]

Pearls Before Swine on Book Signings

I like Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis. This week they did some strips on book signings. March 21: Goat and Zebra talk about Rat’s new book, Dickie the Cockroach. March 22: Rat’s booksigning March 23: Rat defines comic strips to someone at his author event March 24: Stephan Pastis […]

Spring Travel Writing Classes

Ready to return to those rough drafts you began before Christmas? Need some extra coaching to get you back in the game? How about spring training for travel writers? Here are two classes that I wish I could take. If you can do one or both, you should! UCLA Extension […]

Midwest Living Magazine

Midwest Living defines "midwest" as: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas. They occasionally do stories in bordering states such as Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee. Some of their pitch tips include: ~ Focus on our 12-state region. ~ Look for little-known story […]

Introducing Kelly Amabile

I am pleased to let you know we have a new writer joining Written Road, Kelly Amabile. Kelly has been a long time WR reader and approached me a few weeks ago after I exposed my overful plate with starting the new Vegas blog. Then she came to the NYC […]

Travelers’ Tales in the Spotlight

I know, they’re always in the limelight with me, but lots is going on. The new Best Travel Writing 2005 is out, we got a stellar review in ForeWord including some quote time for me, Michael is doing more events with Pico Iyer, and James was on a Gadling podcast. […]