Monthly Archives: March 2005

Bill Bryson: the Cliffs Notes Version

If you’ve only recently discovered Bill Bryson, The Age just ran a nice overview. Have beard, will travel By Jane Sullivan. “The whole trick of travel writing, he says, is to persuade people who aren’t interested that what happened to you is interesting. Some people do it with brilliant writing […]

Meeting Rick Steves

A few weeks ago I made fun of someone for using a Rick Steves guidebook. Actually, that is putting it lightly. I ganged up with another friend of mine and we raked the poor fan over like a third grader gets teased for no good reason except some bullies thought […]

Don George’s New Book on Travel Writing

That’s write. That’s right! Either way you look at it, Don George is releasing a brand new book about our favorite subject. A how-to from all the insight he’s garnered through many years of experience. Believe it or not, this is the first book that he has authored. Edited several, […]

Falling Asleep To Bill Bryson

I didn’t know iPods had a sleep function. I already wanted one, but now…I, you, we can fall asleep peacefully, the loud whirring of ideas slowly reducing themselves to a small humming background buzz. In “iPods Defeating Insomnia,” I could relate to the author’s trouble with turning off the brain […]

Top Five Things That Keep Writers Groups Together

5. Guilt or hosting, the host feels more pressure to show. 4. Threat of other writers stealing your stories….yes, it can happen to you. 3. Beer: Meetings at microbreweries! 2. Alliances—you better watch out for Tribal Council. 1. Illusion you’re there to eat, drink and talk about dating rather than […]