Monthly Archives: April 2005

Book Review: Educating Alice

My mother, a librarian, often suggests travel titles or writers she comes across. About a year ago, she mentioned Alice Steinbach, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author who hails from Baltimore, where I currently live. A local author AND a travel writer — my curiosity was peaked. I purchased […]

Mid-Week Roundup

Here are some quick links to stuff from around the web in the past week: 1) Media Bistro Toolbox’s Hit the Road Jack plugs Wendy Knight’s May 3rd Cambridge, MA travel writing seminar with some tips on how to write a strong travel article lead. 2) Tim Leffel links to […]

The Bad Boys of Travel Writing

I just saw on Vagablogging that Rolf is giving a sneak preview to his May interview with J. Maarten Troost, author of the hilarious The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific. Boy can I relate to Troost’s biggest challenge in the writing process. I’m procrastinating right now! […]

Interviewing Tips

I’ve interviewed four people in the past week. One was casual, at a desk, where I actually got to type in the Q&A. Two were completely spontaneous where I had to think up Qs on the spot. And the fourth, and most interesting, was on location as she was getting […]

Job Lead: NYT Travel Online

Another web marketing (not writing) position from the Digital Media Jobs blog: Product Manager, Travel: The New York Times on the Web ( is seeking an experienced candidate to manage and expand the site’s Travel section. Responsibilities: Manage section P&L and relevant performance metrics (profitability, traffic, retention). Develop business relationships […]

Sounds that inspire?

Just something fun I stumbled across awhile back, via Journalisimo : A link to iSerenity’s sound environments. If you miss the click of an old American Standard as you type away on your laptop or PC, get nostalgic with carriage returns or the scratch of a #2 lead. Or, visit […]

100 Nights in Las Vegas

The biggest challenge I’m facing right now as a writer is finding a balance between living the grist, and getting it down afterwards. Heck, I’m just barely managing to get enough sleep. Blogging, editing, book writing, what’s that? In the most recent stats I wrote something about “Nights I came […]

Book Review: 80 Dates

Title: Around the World in 80 Dates Author: Jennifer Cox Publisher: Downtown Press (2005) Henk, Anders, Solimano, Chester, Garry, Cam and Gene… names of just some of the lucky 80 who made the cut for this Love Connection meets The Amazing Race adventure of a lifetime. 80 Dates is a […]

Food Blogger Does Travel Writing

I scan several food blogs on a regular basis to keep up with what and where to eat when I’m traveling, and to gather great recipes from around the globe. Although I don’t do much French cooking, I always read Clotilde Dusoulier’s Chocolate & Zucchini out of Paris. She announced […]

First Vegas Stats

Current Location: Las Vegas, NV Current Weather: 70F, In the shaded patio Current Reads: my email Movies this week: Kung Fu Hustle People I annoyed laughing like a crazy woman during Kung Fu Hustle: potentially 10 Days in Vegas since the move: 3 Number of times I’ve played poker: 1 […]