Daily Archives: April 7, 2005


This is great. I love it. Double the pleasure. Double the fun. YaGoohoo!gle Run your name and see which side you like more, or use it to double your research results.

Picture of Friends from the NYT Travel Show

Erik Olsen from Gadling on the left, Ayun Halliday in the center, Kelly Amabile and Andrew Tarica above me. Been meaning to put that up since Kelly sent it to me. It was very cool to meet Erik and Andrew is a friend from several years back. You all know […]

Amazon wants Authors?

I just read on Jay’s Anthem Book Blog that Amazon wants content from authors. He took it from a Publishers Weekly article, “Amazon House? New Program Would Commission Work, Sell it like iTunes.” So, they’re seeking content from authors and are willing to pay .49 cents a download. Read the […]