Monthly Archives: August 2005

Writing Leads, Contests & Awards

If you’re sticking close to home this Labor Day weekend to follow up on your writing to-do list, here is a collection of a few more you might want to review: Moon Travel Guides seeks writer for Spain guide Witty and humorous well-traveled writer needed Sage of Consciousness, an international […]

Travel Books Making the Nielsen Grade

“A Long Way to a Bestseller” came out in The Book Standard, yesterday, listing the top selling travel books according to BookScan. If you love books, this site and their newsletter is for you. Everytime I click a link, I say to myself, why am I not reading this every […]

Book Passage TW&PC: More Pictures

Here are some more pictures from Day 2 of the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference. I didn’t take notes or pics at the evening event. Patricia Schultz was speaking about her experience with 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. Basically, she’s sold 1.7 million copies, it took […]

Google Talk and Other Ways To Communicate

So, this weekend at the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference Michael Shapiro was cracking up at a long string of roads to get a hold of me. I had given him my names for Email, YM, MSN, AIM, Skype, and I don’t know what else. Maybe my normal […]

Kelly is Writing for Gadling!

Hey everybody, lets all give Kelly Amabile a big congrats for getting a paid blogging gig with Gadling. As you know, Kelly has been volunteering her time here on Written Road to keep the Market Leads and Resources sections filled. She’s been doing a fantastic job and I think it’s […]

Grammar Style Sheet

I need to print this out in large type and post it in the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom because where else do you think I’d actually take the time to concentrate on it. I really need to memorize this. You have no idea. Actually, you probably do. Thanks to James […]

Book Passage Review From a Student

Here is a guest post from Dave Prine, a regular commenter on Written Road and one of five people that told me they were at the conference because they found out about it here on this blog. I’m thrilled to have a been a connector. Good luck to all who […]

Book Passage: Day 1

Lets give a friendly hello to all the new writers coming to Written Road from the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference. If you want to get straight to submissions guidelines, head on over to the Categories on the right side of the page and click Market Leads. There’s […]

Travel Reads in the Web World

Here are some travel reads that have crossed my desk recently…hopefully you can check them out….just in case I don’t find the time. Frank Bures’s book review of Paul Theroux’s Blinding Light, “Sex, Drugs and Fish Salad,” [World Hum] “Timbuktu for the Timid,” by Cynthia Barnes, a contributor to Whose […]

Late Summer Suggestions

Boldtype’s latest issue is up, and they have a selection of travel books among their extra long list of summer reading suggestions. The complete list of 35 books includes short stories, fiction, magazine and art/photography books to choose from.