Monthly Archives: October 2005

Wildcam: Thank you National Geographic!

I’d like to think that I would be this in love with the Pete’s Pond webcam if it wasn’t named Pete. But come on, there’s something special about the name Pete or Peter. Have you ever met one you didn’t like? Now, don’t let me waste your time with nonsense […]

The Book Tour Diaries, Indiana

Thursday, October 6, 2005 Dear So and So, There are two things I’ve learned since I started doing book tours: 1. Driving around in a car day after day with the air condition on will give you six wrinkles per eye. Some years, seven. 2. Every fast food establishment has […]

Lonely Planet Podcasts

Well, it didn’t take Lonely Planet long to jump on my favorite bandwagon! I love the podcasting….And Don George is the host! Lonely Planet Travelcasts Don’t worry, if you haven’t heard of podcasts, they explain it to you. So far they’ve got two up, one on Southern Thailand in recovery […]

The Book Tour Diaries, Joseph-Beth

The picture on the left is the table set up at “Girls Night Out” with Joseph-Beth in Cincinatti, OH. They were superb to work with. In fact, they made a life size poster of the cover with my name as big as it gets, and hung it from the ceiling […]


UPDATE: The event at Big Hat Books will not happen tomorrow night. When I called and asked what time they wanted me, they asked if we could reschedule. I’m sorry for the few that wrote in and wanted to meet me. Also, the SAVVY TRAVELLER travel writing workshop has been […]

The Book Tour Diaries, Ohio

Dear So and So, Thank you for Carlos at Bank of America for lifting the 7-day hold on my tour check so I can have enough money to get around on the Midwest leg of my tour. And extra big thanks for Sandy at Avis who uttered the magic words—”Yes, […] Writing Conferences is hosting some travel writing conferences. They were smart and got Don George, which is the only reason this caught my eye. It’s interesting, they have a ton of sponsors, so I’m figuring lots of money. They’re having it at the Four Seasons….so why does their website look like […]

$100,000 Travel Writing Assignment

Whiskey, travel, and $100,000?! This seems like a dream come true…Chivas? Of course I drink whiskey! Indeed, THIS IS THE LIFE! The Chivas Life Editor Search They’re looking for a pair to travel around the world and deliver 50 tips that identify extraordinary moments and experiences that will be compiled […]

Bunch of New Travel Books

I meant to get some market leads up this week, but things have been a bit crazy. I haven’t been traveling like our fearless leader and book touring diva Jen, but I’m gearing up for some 2006 travel of my own and finally took the big step of giving notice […]