Are You Writing For a Travel Blog Yet?

I am having a similar experience to the author of the last post we talked about, Lucas at Fast Company. I have been approached by a really nice guy, with strong marketing skills to review his site. I don’t necessarily love the site, but I admire his efforts. So, I am going to address a general topic that I’ve been wanting to discuss.

Are you writing for a travel blog yet?

Writing for blogs is a great way to propel yourself into the travel writing world, especially if it is a niche market. Several blogs are “No-pay”, especially if you are creating them yourselves, but some blogs do pay, and believe it or not, the going rate is in the $4-5/post range. As a writer, that was shocking to me at first, but it’s what the industry supports, and many people who love blogging are finding a temporary benefit to blogging for hire, as opposed to doing it themselves.




I understand that the whole topic of writing for free, or low pay, is a sore subject to many of you and we could go at it for hours. But l want to address only those that are open to building their names through travel blogs and let you know of a few that are looking for regular writers:

Currently Looking for Writers

Jaunted: Paid gig, Email
Vagablond Non-paid, Email
World Cup Blog: Non-paid but too much fun! Email

Great Paid Gigs. Full Now, But Check Back Later
Hotel Chatter

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