Corporate Canaries: A Die Hard Author

I just read the entire article, “A Word (Or Two, Or Three) About Persistence” by Lucas Conley. If you are in the process of promoting your book, it’d be good for you to read it, too.

And I used the word “entire” not because it is long, but because Lucas kept me interested the whole piece, and that doesn’t usually happen.

This is a recount of a persistent author’s attempts to get his book reviewed by Fast Company. FROM THE MAGAZINE SIDE. We hardly ever get to hear what editors think of us authors pimping our books. And here is the book in lights:

Corporate Canaries : Avoid Business Disasters with a Coal Miner’s Secrets




Gary Sutton was ambitous, determined, and crafty in his efforts to get his book reviewed. There are several ideas to take away from this, but the key piece of info that I found most valuable to pass on to authors is “At this point, there was no chance I was going to review the book – it had been on the shelves for a few months…”

Authors, if you have a hard cover book that you want reviewed in a magazine, you HAVE to get it into galley form and send it to the book reviewers six months a head of pub date. Magazines work 4-6 months in advance. And if you plan on selling first serial rights, you could even start earlier.

That said, kudos to Gary Sutton for pushing on and getting his book mentioned in such a high level blog. I love the check list idea. Love it!

Lets also mention a few other things that Sutton did right. He got an editor at the Wall Street Journal to write an endorsement which he used on the cover of the book. This is no easy feat unless you have contacts or work leagues ahead of time. And his marketing efforts led to Corporate Canaries getting selected for the Forbes book club. And that’s just what I found on the first page of Google. I’m sure there’s more…good job, Gary.